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Flying stories of our moving feet
Jorge Bascuñan  // Amaeze Agu  // Senja K. Brütting // Yasmine Deroui 

Photos: Yasmine Deroui // residency: 4fürTanz Leipzig

This project started together with the co-creation of the dance and performance collective J.A.S. as a collaboration between Yasmine Deroui, Amaeze Agu, Senja Brütting, and Jorge Bascuñan.

The first steps took place in Leipzig, Germany in the context of the art residency 'A diasporic research' at 4fürTanz (May 2022). 

Dramaturgie: Yasmine Deroui

Performers: Amaeze Agu, Senja Brütting, and Jorge Bascuñan

The second art residency of the collective was  'flying stories of our moving feet', in the context of Werkstattmacher_innen in collaboration with Lofft - Das Theater (September 2022).

Dramaturgie: Yasmine Deroui

Performers: Senja Brütting and Jorge Bascuñan

Mentori*in: Mona Louisa-Melinka Hempel

Technical direction: Thomas Achtner

Light operation: Sebastian Schachtner

The artists first met in Leipzig, in 2022. After sharing common topics of interest, keywords came into play: Decoloniality and Intersectionality. The goal of the collective is to delve into artistic collaboration as a way of empowering diasporic discourses within the contemporary field, hence, encouraging the engagement of these communities in artistic spaces.

From the perspective of diaspora(s) in Europe, the collaboration will determine the cultural reach, that each project attracts, and the diversity within the cast and production team, engaging and combined with biographical research (the collection of selves that a contemporary dancer experiences through professional, cultural, social, and gendered practices). The diversity of artistic languages is shown by working under the premise of encouraging and uplifting multiple moving identities. Therefore, the artistic practice is informed by a multiplicity of selves, contrasting binary categorizations.

Photos: Walther Le Kon // residency: 4fürTanz Leipzig

As children of a colonial past and neo-colonial present, living in the diaspora, we inherit both a consciousness of discrimination and being part of a discriminatory society ourselves, internalizing and reproducing racist, imperial, colonial thoughts. As a result, the aesthetics of our bodies are deeply colonized, and our identities are mixed, oppressed, and often categorized. Our research delves deep into the influences of ancestral and non-western civilizations to problematize this dilemma. We aim to enhance body positivity and self-love, reflecting on the neutralization of patriarchal terms and the oppression of colonialism to diasporic moving identities.

These residencies are also one part of my current research, supported by DIS TANZ SOLO.

„Gefördet dutch die Beauftrage der Bundesregierung fur Kultur und Medien im Programm NEUSTART KULTUR, Hifsprogramm DIS-TANZEN des Dachverband Tanz Deutschland."

Photos: Thomas Puschmann // residency: Werkstattmacher e.V. Leipzig in collaboration with Lofft - Das Theater Leipzig

Video Edit: Jorge Bascuñan
Performance: Jorge Bascuñan and Ruben Wielsch
Music: Ruben Wielsch
Light and techniques: David Gyebrovsky

Performance developed in the context of @winterwerft #winterwerft2021 - Frankfurt am Main

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