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The multimedia collaboration between Clive Tanner, Fitgirl, Jorge Bascuñan and Juan Urbina happened in the context of the art residency Uncertain Unities at Ponderosa, Lunow-Stolzenhagen - Germany.

(From September, 20th until October, 3rd - 2021). Inspired by the artistic residency ODD, the aim of this new collaboration was  to provoke the experimental aspects of both image and movement as well as art and politics.

The research examines the traditional linear deconstruction of time by the interaction of video and performance as an attempt to capture the in/determinant dynamics of a contemporary corporeality. We question the neutrality of the term extinction, related to the death of species, epistemologies, dying languages, dances and civilizations. As a dramaturgical line, we have our lenses on the fragile construction of masculinity. We draw on the syncretism of movement identities, with the focus on the cultural-political context where the loss of contact with nature and rituals is historically related to the rise of Western Civilization, Christianity, Patriarchy, and Capitalism, The epistemicide of Afro-diaspora practices, the extinction of languages and culture, and the Anthropo-climate crisis. 

Clive Tanner: Visuals and lighting

Jorge Bascuñan: Performer and music

Juan Urbina: Performance and voice

Fitgirl: Music and eletronics

Performance developed in the context of Uncertain Unities @ponderosastolzenhagen Germany

Teaser: Extinction and Syncretism

Video Edit: Jorge Bascuñan
Performance: Jorge Bascuñan and Ruben Wielsch
Music: Ruben Wielsch
Light and techniques: David Gyebrovsky

Performance developed in the context of @winterwerft #winterwerft2021 - Frankfurt am Main

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